Summit RT Direct to Garment Printer

Designed for lightning fast, precision quality one-pass prints.

  • Prints on light and dark colored t-shirts, hoodies, wood, tile, and more
  • Maximum print size: 12.5 x 22 inches
  • Auto-clean feature means less time spent on routine maintenance
  • Variable ink droplet system produces ink drops as small as 1.5 picoliters for accurate fine details
  • One Pass Printing - Prints white and cmyk inks in the same pass, cutting print times drastically
  • Print Partially Transparent Colors with the DevStudio RIP software
  • Includes (1) Quick Change Tucloc Platen
  • Extra platens allows higher production rates - load a 2nd platen in while the first is printing
  • Prints with CMYK and white inks
  • Bulk ink system offers significant savings over cartridge ink systems - buy ink in bulk and save big on ink costs
  • Serviceability - Award winning service department that backs the products with knowledge and knowhow
  • Toll free phone support: Most issues are actually resolved quickly over the phone, but if not, a certified technician can be scheduled for repairs
  • Warranty - One year limited warranty covering non-consumable parts
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Summit RT - Faster Printing, Beautiful Prints!

Model wearing DTG t-shirt

The Summit RT direct to garment printer combines stunning print quality, high efficiency and unsurpassed reliability into one rugged and elegant machine. This dtg printer has been completely redesigned specifically for one-pass printing, with prints that are indistinguishable from traditional two-pass prints.

Print in One Pass or Two Pass mode. Two pass is the traditional method - the printer lays down white ink first, then resets the platen and lays down cmyk inks on top of the white ink. With One Pass printing, the white ink and the cmyk inks are printed in the same pass, drastically reducing print times without any noticeable loss in image quality.

Achieve lightning-fast prints with One Pass Printing. As an example, an 11x11 inch full-color design with white ink (for dark shirts) prints in 1:34 (one minute 34 seconds.) Two Pass mode, when needed, would take a little over double that time (print time is doubled, and the printer needs time to reset the platen between passes.)

DevStudio RIP software works with the Summit RT's advanced print head technology to dispense variable sized ink droplets, as small as 1½ picoliters, to accurately print even the finest details. DevStudio RIP makes many functions easier than ever, including automatically removing solid-colored backgrounds with ease.

The Summit RT with DevStudio RIP also gives you the ability to do something never before seen in dtg printers - print partially transparent colors! Imagine the possibilities - partially transparent splashes or drops of water, partially transparent clouds, etc. The effect is most dramatic when printed on garments other than white or black, since the color of the shirt shows through the transparency.

Tucloc® Platen Included

The Summit RT DTG Printer includes a Tucloc® platens for full-size prints. Additional platens are available for purchase. These platens are roomy, allowing for printing on thicker materials such as hoodies and sweats, and can also be used for printing on other materials such as wood, tile, canvas, and much more. If you can make it lay flat in the platen, you can print on it!

DevStudio RIP Software for Full Control

DevStudio RIP Software

DevStudio RIP uses BGAP (patent pending) technology to generate a 5-channel profile that uses the color of the T-shirt as an additional color, minimizing the use of CMYK and white inks. This gives the t-shirt a more natural look and softer feel, and drastically reduces ink costs.

Better quality. Specific profiles for DTG that guarantee color fidelity and precise preview on calibrated monitors.

More Productivity. Fast Printing Engine and intuitive interface with productivity tools, Mask editor, Color removal, Color variations, and more.

Less Ink Consumption. Reduced consumption thanks to an optimized use of black in standard profiles and BGAP technology.

DevStudio RIP is compatible with Windows® and Mac® computers.

Machine Specifications

Approx 130 lbs. (uncrated)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
25 x 31.5 x 23 inches
Print Head
Epson® R1800, Micro Piezo 180 nozzles, 8 colors
Power Requirements
AC 110-220V, 50-60Hz 150w maximum
Maximum Image Size
12.5” x 22”
Maximum Print Resolution
5760 x 1440 dpi
Maximum Substrate Thickness
7 inches
DTG water-based ink

What Our Customers Say

I am a new business owner starting out the embroidery field. The training I received both on software and the system has been wonderful. The trainers are friendly and try to help you relate to the information so that you retain it. I am happy that I chose to purchase through MESA as their support and service assistance has been unbeatable!

Thanks MESA and thank you to my trainers Bernadette and Paula and technician Will! You guys rock!

Patricia Adams
Voluntown, CT

MESA has thousands of satisfied customers ranging from part-time apparel decorators who work from home to large companies with many machines. Read more customer reviews about MESA's products and services.

The Summit RT Is More Than Just a T-Shirt Machine

With the versatile TucLoc® configurable platens, and the ability to print on items up to 7 inches in thickness, you can truly print on anything that you can make lay flat on the platen. Do you have a specific application in mind? Give us a call and we'll walk you through it. The Summit RT is more versatile than other direct to garment printing equipment in its class.

Additional Equipment

Heat press
MESA carries a full line of heat presses. These items are not included with the machine but are available for separate purchase. Please consult with your sales representative for your individual needs.
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