April 7, 2020

Summit RT Direct To Garment Printer

The Summit RT is the next generation of Summit DTG Printers with a focus on faster printing while still yielding beautifully detailed and vivid prints. This direct to garment printer combines stunning print quality, high efficiency and unsurpassed reliability into one rugged and elegant machine.

The Summit RT has been completely redesigned specifically for one-pass printing, with prints that are indistinguishable from traditional two-pass prints. One Pass technology saves precious time, and the results are indistinguishable from traditional two-pass prints for most designs. An 11x11” full color image can be printed on a dark shirt in only one minute 34 seconds minutes using One Pass.

The Summit RT with Kothari Print Pro RIP also gives you the ability to do something never before seen in dtg printers - print partially transparent colors! Imagine the possibilities - partially transparent splashes or drops of water, partially transparent clouds, etc. The effect is most dramatic when printed on garments other than white or black, since the color of the shirt shows through the transparency.

Kothari Print Pro RIP software works with the Summit RT's advanced print head technology to dispense variable sized ink droplets, as small as 1½ picoliters, to accurately print even the finest details. Kothari Print Pro RIP makes many functions easier than ever, including automatically removing solid-colored backgrounds with ease.

The Summit RT DTG Printer includes a Tucloc® platens for full-size prints. Additional platens are available for purchase. These platens are roomy, allowing for printing on thicker materials such as hoodies and sweats, and can also be used for printing on other materials such as wood, tile, canvas, and much more. If you can make it lay flat in the platen, you can print on it!

MESA offers a complete package with printer, Kothari Print Pro RIP Software, heat press, and supplies – everything you need to get started. Contact MESA for the best current price.

For more information, visit www.DTGAmerica.com or call toll free 800-330-3867.

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