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The Summit XT DTG Printer is competitively priced, and easy financing is available. For even bigger savings, MESA offers certified refurbished dtg printers (various brands and models). Both new and used dtg printers include training and a warranty. Call today for more information.

The promotional product and apparel decorating industries can't stop talking about this new generation of textile printing. Message boards, blogs, and trade shows - everywhere that apparel decorators gather, the talk is about inkjet garment printers. All of this excitement stems from one simple fact: Direct to Garment printing opens new avenues of income potential for apparel decorators and others in the promotional products industry. Print jobs that were virtually impossible, or extremely cost-prohibitive, are exactly what Summit DTG Direct to Garment Printers do best!

Whether you're going to start your own T-shirt business or expand an existing business, direct-to-garment printing can offer plenty of opportunity for growth and profits. T-shirt printing has never been easier, faster, or more economical than with a Summit DTG Direct to Garment Printer. Print t-shirts with less mess, less cost, and less set-up times than traditional screen printing. Print crisp, colorful, vibrant images directly onto garments without the need for special fabrics, coated papers, or other limiting factors.

Imagine this: A customer walks into your shop with a photo of his dog and wants it printed onto a tee shirt. If you have a traditional screen printing press you probably wouldn't even try to quote this job because you must charge enough to allow setting up the screens, plus time to clean and reclaim the screens. Most screen printers charge $25 to $30 per color for the setup fee, so a four color image would cost at least $100 to set up. What if the image has four hundred colors? No problem with a Summit DTG Direct to Garment Printer - whether it's a four color image, or a four million color image, there's still no setup involved, and the print can be completed in a matter of minutes! Photographic prints with superior detail, up to 2880 DPI, can now be printed to t-shirts, other garments and a wide range of substrates. And there's no need to buy expensive software - Summit DTG Direct to Garment Inkjet Printers will print directly from popular graphics programs such as CorelDRAW®, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, Quark® and many others.

The Summit DTG line of dtg printers are the most cost effective way to print short runs or medium runs of full color vibrant prints to t-shirts, polos, sport shirts, mouse pads, towels, bandanas, children's clothing, jeans, shorts, jackets, socks, caps and more. If you can make it lay flat on the platen, you can print on it. For more details about exactly what a Summit DTG Direct to Garment printer can and cannot do, please read the FAQs.

Why choose Summit DTG Direct to Garment printers?

  • Versatile: Prints on light or dark garments
  • Efficient: Uses bulk ink, giving you substantial savings over cartridges on every print
  • Reliable: Robust design and heavy duty components
  • Productive: 1 giant print, or 2 full-size prints at one time.
  • Support: MESA's unsurpassed training, service and support
  • Print Quality: High resolution up to 1440 x 1440

Summit DTG Direct to Garment inkjet printers feature piezo inkjet heads and our specially formulated DTG water based textile inks. In addition, DTG now offers polyester pretreatment that helps DTG inks bond to polyester.

DTG printers are often called t-shirt printers, but this term is a bit misleading, since most dtg printers can print on anything that you can make lay flat on the printer platen - this includes t-shirts, of course, but also blue jeans, socks, curtains, towels, and many other textiles. DTG printers can also be used to print on tiles, wood, plaques, glass, mouse pads, and may other substrates. When printing to any item that will not absorb the ink, a clear sealant coat may be required to prevent the ink from rubbing off.

MESA Supplies offers a wide range of DTG Inks and Supplies