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The Summit DTG 520 Tshirt Printer Highlights

MESA has discontinued production of the Summit DTG 520 but we have kept this page for our customers that may be looking at a pre-owned printer. Take a look at the Summit XT - the most reliable dtg printer in it's class!

  • Prints with CMYK and white inks / prints on light and dark colored t-shirts, garments and more
  • Maximum print size: 16 x 20 inches with included platen, 16½ x 45 inches with custom platen
  • 1 inch wide ink-repelling print head helps keep print head clean for longer life
  • Bulk Ink System - 8 (4 oz.) easily refillable, wide mouth bottles
  • Includes a 4-in-1 configurable platen - configure as 1 large adult platen (16 x 20"), 2 youth platens (9 x 16"), 2 sleeve platens (7 x 20"), or 4 child platens (7 x 9")
  • Purchase of extra platens allows higher production rates - load a 2nd platen in while the first is printing
  • Automatic platen height adjustment ensures garment is correct distance from print head
  • Includes RIP Software
  • RIP software can be used by one operator on up to four printers
  • Includes our White Ink Management System, which constantly circulates and filters ink to prevent settling or clogging
  • Bulk ink system offers significant savings over cartridge ink systems - buy ink in bulk and save big on ink costs
  • Serviceability - Award winning service department that backs the products with knowledge and knowhow
  • Toll free phone support that can walk you through many simple maintenance or schedule an appointment with a certified technician when needed
  • Parts availability - We carry a large inventory of parts to give our customers added peace of mind. Again, we back what we sell!
  • Warranty - Two year limited warranty covering parts

Watch the Summit DTG Printing a Black T-Shirt

Blazing Print Speeds with One Pass

White Ink Management System

White Ink Management System

Summit DTG's exclusive White Ink Management System is now included on all Summit DTG Direct to Garment printers. Our White Ink Management System constantly circulates and filters the white ink, practically eliminating white ink separation and clogging issues, resulting in better prints on dark garments and drastically reduced maintenance time.

Machine Photo Gallery

Summit Screen

Machine Specifications

Summit DTG 520 with Dimensions
Resolution 60 dpi to 2880 dpi
Unit Speed 8 x 12 inch design at 720 dpi prints in aproximately 60 second (single pass)
Nozzles 1440
Print Direction Bi-directional or Uni-directional
Maximum Image Size 16 x 20 inches
Connectivity Interface USB 2.0
Drivers Included
Ink DTG water-based inks
Starter Kit Contents · Printer
· RIP Software
· Generous supply of inks
· Pretreatment
· Power sprayer
Voltage 115v (Standard wall plug)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 33 x 24 x 48 inches
Weight (uncrated weight) Approx. 220 lbs
Weight (crated weight) 309 lbs
Warranty Two Year Limited

Platen - 4 Platens in 1

4 Child Platens 2 Sleeve Platens 2 Youth Platens Adult Platen

New 4-in-1 configurable platen lets you leave one 4 youth platen in place and just add lightweight attachments to configure for 2 youth platens, 2 sleeve platens, or 1 large adult platen.


Printing unique designs with the Summit DTG 520 is easy!

What can I print on?
checkmark T-shirtscheckmark Pocketscheckmark Denim
checkmark Sleevescheckmark Towelscheckmark Jigsaw Puzzles
checkmark Bannerscheckmark Mouse Padscheckmark Placemats
checkmark Flagscheckmark Baby Bibscheckmark Aprons
checkmark Tote Bagscheckmark Pillows checkmark Pants
checkmark Signs checkmark Canvascheckmark And Much More!
checkmark Tilescheckmark Curtains